The Kopex Group offers complex solutions for underground and open-pit mining. It is a respected and acknowledged manufacturer and supplier of high class machinery and equipment as well as other modern mining technologies. The Kopex Group brings together the leading manufacturers of high quality machinery, equipment and modern technology for mining.

The Group’s capabilities cover the whole investment process in the mining industry, including:
•    Feasibility Studies
•    Supervising geological surveys of mining areas and reserve assessment
•    Customized deposit mining technology,
•    Designing mining plants,
•    Manufacturing, supply and assembly of machines, equipment and technological systems,
•    Construction, development, modernization , operation and closure of mines
•    Staff training and engineering support during project execution.


PAN Energy Markets

PAN Energy Markets began trading in 2009 and has since become one of the most dynamic proprietary commodity trading firms in the world. Headquartered in London, and having a branch office in Warsaw, PAN’s access and execution of international transactions is world class. Thanks to strong executive leadership, PAN’s extensive global network allows it to be well placed within in the commodities markets.

The company’s core strengths have always been cemented in its unparalleled market knowledge, relentless attention to detail and pivotal placement to access the whole market place from developer/producer to structured finance to end user.



Trendfield Energy and Resources is a private international mining and consulting firm exploring the West African region for mineral opportunities and developing them into productive and profitable projects for Asian companies, specifically China.
Founded in 1997 to generate investment opportunities for Asia’s energy sector, Trendfield now provides its clients with the necessary tools and unparalleled access to resources opportunities across West Africa. The company assists private and state-owned entities in Asia with projects in the mining and energy sectors. Trendfield concentrates specifically on natural resources and energy of which this region has vast potential. Trendfield is a BVI based firm with offices in Beijing, Niger, Mongolia and Hong Kong.