Capital Group

Elaixin’s capital group is focused on the development and listing of exploration stage resource companies utilizing a mix of its own funds and those raised via 3rd parties. Elaixin incubates financial growth programmes and assists in the management and direction of companies in the junior resources sector. The Company seeks out situations where it can add to a Company’s value by providing financing or raising money to acquire licenses, increase exploration activity, prove up resources, and move projects through development into production.

Machinery and Mine Service

Elaixin Machinery and Mine Services Ltd. partners with leading manufacturers of mining equipment and machinery from around the world to leverage its relationships with mine owners in China, and the Asia Pacific Region. Partners include the Kopex Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of mining equipment, to offer mining solutions in China. Elaixin Machinery is dedicated to improving the safety and quality of life in China’s mining community and turning it’s operations into a model world production.


Elaixin House Trading is a fully owned subsidiary of Elaixin Group that is partnered with leading trading houses in Asia, Europe and Africa. Through its global partner network EHT is able to trade in base metals, bulk commodities such as coal and iron ore, oil and gas, industrial minerals and soft commodities.